Top 5 Hollywood Pop Stars Diet and Workout Routine

1.Michael Jackson

He is very energetic and look fit and healthy until his shocking death on June 25, 2009, at Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States. The pop star’s trainer, actor and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, who said Jackson was “in fantastic shape.”

Ferrigno, 57, said he last trained with Jackson, 50, about three weeks and would go to the singer’s home three or four times a week.

The two used tools like exercise balls and did a lot of core training to get Jackson in shape

He said “The workout wasn’t any heavy resistance. A lot of stretching and a light walk on the treadmill,” Ferrigno tells PEOPLE. “Being 50, his body went through a lot of stress getting ready for the tour, but he was awesome.”

In addition to training, it seems that Jackson kept a strict diet.

“I think he was a vegetarian. And he only ate once a day. But I just told him the proper supplements to take,” Ferrigno said. “The most important thing was the attitude, the mind because he really wanted to be in his best shape.”

2.Britney Spears

Britney Spears is Hollywood naughty girl and had went through a critical crisis in her life as a celebrity and a human being. What she did to cope with distress is ate a lot of junk food.

During dieting, Britney Spears took the measured food intake. She took the food that contained 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of non-fibers and just 10-20% of non saturated fats. Britney, during her dieting avoided the intake of food that contained refined sugar and carbohydrate food that formed sugar on decomposing. Yoga is her secret weapon to get back her perfect body shape.

” im doing 90 minutes of yoga twice a week in addition to a lot of cardio- hour-long sessions three times a week with my trainer, Tony Martinez,’ she said. Read the full article: here

3. Lady Gaga

It takes more than major cojones to pull off the revealing getups Lady Gagawears. It takes Harley Pasternak, the in-demand trainer who helped transform Stefani Germanotta’s every-girl body into fiercely fit superstar form. “Gaga doesn’t love to work out, but she likes how efficient this method is,” he says. “Your heart rate stays up, so you burn more calories in less time.” Start with 30 minutes of cardio two days a week, then do the following circuit on three days. It takes only 25 minutes (Gaga’s got things to do, and so do you!), and you’ll see results in just a month.

4. Taylor Swift

Swift acknowledges that riding hours on a bus, strutting the stage, and not sleeping in her own bed can take its toll, both physically and mentally. Crucial to staying balanced is sticking to a comforting routine, no matter where she is. When she gets to her hotel room, the first thing she does is unpack — even if she’s there for only one night. “I do it everywhere I go,” she says with a laugh. “I really like the way it feels to have my clothes put away in drawers and my shoes in the closet.” Swift also always travels with candles, and she’s never without her iPod, onto which she is constantly downloading new music. –

5. Katy Perry

Her svelte figure is often credited to her fitness regime, which includes hiking, and wearing a pedometer to count her steps, her trainer Harley Pasternak told Hello magazine last May. –

This pop singer prefers getting outside instead of hitting the gym and enjoys hiking and peddling around on a bike. But she also makes time for workouts designed by trainer Harley Pasternak and loves jumping rope.