Best Cajon Drum Box in 2018

In this article, we are going to help you to figure out which cajon drum to buy.

We are not going to tell you which brand to buy, but we are just going to lay out the facts and tell you some of the key points that you need to think about when choosing the cajon that’s right for you.

The cajon world these days is saturated by manufacturers, both big and small. People working out their sheds or people working with factories are building huge quantities of cajon’s.

It’s difficult to figure out sometimes which is the best option particularly if you are buying your very first cajon. So we hope that you find some of the points we make in this article helpful and will help you find the right cajon that suits your needs.


First thing that you probably want to think about is your budget. Ask yourself how serious am I about the cajon and learning it and becoming a master Cajon player.

Whatever your goal is that’s going to help you figure out how much you want to spend.

Beginner Cajon start around $99, usually up to about one hundred and fifty dollars, but depending on your country and your currency it’s going to vary a little bit.

Mid range cajon go from about a hundred and fifty dollars to three hundred dollars

Pro cajons is about three to five hundred dollars and above, the sky is the limit because there’s some amazing artists on Cajon builders making everything by hand out there these days and the price can go up into the thousand sometimes.

Also you need to think about, maybe you want to get a gig bag or a pair of brushes or an extra snare or a pad to sit on if that applies.

Take into consideration these things in your budget.


What type of music are you going to be using you’re cajon for.

If you’re playing in a rock band and you’re looking to kind of bring out that kick and snare feel then I would recommend maybe looking at a snare cajon that has an actual snare system in it.

Whether with wires or whether you want it to be able to turn it off or to just leave it on, its up to you choose witch that meets your expectation.

The one’s with switches are always great because it gives you the option of having a traditional Cajon and a snare cajon.

Are you playing more of a traditional afro-peruvian style? If so then look for an afro-peruvian cajon with no snare system.

You’re going to want to look at the technique that’s needed to play that style of music a bit more but maybe looking at that would be for you.

If you’re looking at playing flamenco music or more Latin, then maybe a flamenco cajon is right for you that has guitar strings to give it the sizzle effect.


Very important is what type of sound are you looking for from your cajon.

Are you looking for a resonant full bass tone ? Are you looking for a punchy dry bass tone ? Are you looking for a snappy high snare tone or a kind of fool lower pitch snare tone?

Best Beginner Violin To Buy

Well one of my reader asked If i can do a review on what to look for in violin especially for a beginner violin. I know many people out there don’t really know what to look for when thinking about buying a violin. There are so many brands and different prices. It started to get really hard to find a good violin that suits your need and at the same time you wanting to know what is good and what is not.

What i will looking for when buying a violin? First thing is the tone. Please bear in mind that you wont get a lot variation of tone with the cheaper violin. The different between an expensive and cheaper student quality violin goes down to everything from the kind of wood they use for the body, the craft and the way they put all together and they all made a different. The tone also will change if you change the strings and also if you made some modification to the strings.

The weight of the violin is the second thing i will look for when buying a violin because you don’t want it to feel heavy like putting a brick on your neck. You will want it to feel nice around your chin and shoulder and also you want to feel comfortable with your hands. When you are bowing on the violin you will want it to be nice and have a smooth sounding.

Best Violin Brands

There are literally hundreds of brands and I know a lot of you will say that ‘I have seen this brand, that brand etc..and you will start asking what you think about this brand and what about that brand. Its very difficult for me to comment on that because what we have here in US is not necessary available in other country like UK for example and vice versa, so it depends on what you got in your country.

What I want to say is, if the price is around 100 dolars or 100 something mark then it is going to be a student quality violin. So, in terms of what to look for, like I said there a lots of brands out there and its really hard to tell which brand is good for you and what brand wasn’t really good. However, i will do a review on 3 different brands which what i think the best choice for a beginner. The 3 brands is Cecilio, Stentor and Mendini and those 3 brands got most of the reviews on

How Much Does a Violin Cost

The cost of a violin is differ in terms of level of the players. Good quality intermediate violins will cost you around 500 dollars and for a professional violins the price tag is almost $3,500. For a beginner, you do not need to look in these price ranges. The cost of a student quality violin range between 50 dollars to 300 dollars. If you got 120 or 200 dollars to spend then i would recommend the stentor II but it is depends on your financial situation, the more you can spend the better.

If you are on budget and you can only afford a 50 to 60 dollars for a violin and that is only you got for the moment, just buy it. There is nothing particularly wrong with it, it will do what a violin should do, and you will be able to start learning violin and go to any violin classes. They just wont be the best and you might get a little bit frustrated with them. If you got some extra money to buy something better then you can always upgrade to a better violin.

Violin for Sale: Be Careful When Buying Cheap Violin

If you get a violin from China for example, some people said that they get a new violin for 50 dollars and when they get it home and try to play with it and what happen is they can’t get any sound out of the violin, the sounds are horrible and that is the reason why you spend 50 dollars for the violin. So just spend a little bit more money if you can and it will make a big different because honestly if you got a rubbish violin you will not got a sound just like what you will get with a little bit nicer violin like stentor II. So think what is the best for you and what is the best that you can afford.

Where to Buy a Violin: Online or at Musical Shop?

What if you facing a situation that you cant go to the music shop and you cant feel the different type of violin. Well, for beginner its not a big problem if you buy a violin online. In fact you can get a cheaper yet a good violin on Of course for the beginner its quite hard to differentiate the sound and try to find what scratch more than the other and what is less scratchy. But don’t worry because when you get better you will eliminate scratch as well. If you are an advance violin players, you can go to any music shop and feel the weight of any brands. You may also want to try a different brands of violin and hear the sound that come out.

One more thing, if you do buy from ebay, it don’t always come altogether. You might find the bridge is set in the cage somewhere and you have to put the strings on. Just be care full when you buy online especially from ebay or even from amazon because it maybe arrive to your house in pieces and you got to put it altogether by your self. There will be a big problems if you don’t have any clue on how to put it together, so spend a little bit more money and find something that already put together.

Reviews of the Best Beginner Violin

Stentor II violin review

I have done 1 review on stentor II which is I really like this one. Just in case you are wondering, I don’t have anything to do with stentor or receiving any commission and not affiliated with them in anyway, I just really like them. The reason why I suggest the stentor II supposed to anything else is because i used it for teaching and a lot of students comes to me with lot of very different brands of violin like toby, rainbow but the only one that seems to be consistent and everytime my students play the violin and demonstrate something in class for example, when they got a stentor it produce quite a nice deep tone and it feels quite nice.

The price considerably higher for a student quality violin but it still affordable, for example in US price is 200 something and I think it is the lowest price you can get online. There are still other brands that are similar In terms of prices but it doesn’t mean to have sound just like stentor II because it really have a nice tone and no scratch on it and that is the most important thing for the beginner. As a beginner you will certainly want a nice sound, no scratch because you yourself unfortunately are going to scratching when you are just get started. What I do in my class with my students is I take their violin and I gave my stentor II to my student and the scratch start to disappear, so I know the facts that it is not the students fault but the violin itself.

Cecilio violin review: Cecilio cvn 300

So going straight onto it, the retail price is around about 300 dolars but you can get it on now for 140 dollars, So i guess this is a mid range price violin and affordable. It also has a very good review on as you can read it here. It is really for beginners and not suitable for anybody entering professional level.If you are going to be pro then you can upgrade it to cecilio 600. This cecilio comes with a case, two violin bows, some rosin,strings and it comes with a shoulder rest as well.

Size 4/4 (full size) violin with solid spruce wood top, maple back, neck and sides with inlaid purfling in antique varnish
Ebony fingerboard, pegs chin rest, and tailpiece with 4 detachable nickel plated fine tuners
Strung with D’Addario Prelude Strings
Includes: Cecilio chromatic tuner, lesson book, lightweight hard case, 2 x Brazilwood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, adjustable shoulder rest, and an extra bridge
1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects
Some pros and cons for this one, the sounds is really smooth, clear and clean. I wouldnt say it has a particular flavor to it.